Millions think the world is in meltdown and WW3 is inevitable now Trump is in charge of the world’s biggest superpower.

But there is a silent assassin lurking in the shadows in fields and rivers which is far more dangerous.

It kills without conscience or mercy and is coming to a town near you very soon.

Bird flu.

It is already ravaging the world and its commercial bird populations as I speak and may already be in your country’s media headlines.

H5N8 has swept through UK and Europe and many other countries around the world including Japan and South Korea which is now on its knees with over 20m birds already culled.

It is only a matter of time before it ravages America again after bringing the poultry industry to its knees in 2015.A vet in a central New York animal shelter has already contracted the H7N2 strain of bird flu from a cat which caught it from a wild bird.

Luckily it was a mild strain but very soon us playing Russian roulette with nature means we will stop dodging the bullets.

Should we be afraid yes, as director David Cronenburg of cult hit film The Fly would say ‘be afraid, be very afraid.’

Conditions are now the most ripe for an outbreak while the world plays politics and bemoans the rise of the far right, bird flu has been put on the back burner.

Investment in protection worldwide is woeful.

And now after a series of long term studies it seems that some anti-virals don’t offer adequate protection against infection. So there goes our silver bullet leaving us wide open to a pandemic that WILL KILL anyone regardless of creed, race or age.

Unfortunately I can now say after a series of deaths in China from the deadliest strain of bird flu H7N9, that we are likely on the precipice of a worldwide flu pandemic.

I would hate to say I told you so when it arrives but by then it will probably be too late. I only hope someone decides to act now and stop the world from imploding before it is too late!

In the meantime a bit of prepping and stocking up on water and canned foods may be your wisest investment yet!

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